de·pict /diˈpikt/
1. Show or represent by a drawing, painting, or other art form.
2. Portray in words; describe.

The concept of Depict was born in 2007, when the thought of having a clothing line was sort of original, now their are millions of kids out there trying to do the same thing. I went to school for photography right after high school, mostly because it was easy to me. Then I went to FIDM for Graphic Design and then everything started to snow ball. Granted that everything wen’t really slow but I knew I was moving. I tried starting depict with some friends from school but I never happened. I started doing everything on my own after college. The website, printing stuff in a friend garage, all that stuff was effort I put in. I was dumb back then, I tried to release this brand in 2011, and I failed miserably. Back then no one knew who I was, I mean not a lot of people know me now but I am in a way better position. This brand is a culmination of my upbringing, being born and raised in LA and moving around in it so much.

Art, Music, Cars, Girls, it all Depicts someone.

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