Man of Steel Teaser Trailer

[divider_padding] I watched The Dark Knight Rises on Friday night, and besides looking forward for the movie to starting during the previews, this teaser was a plus to the whole experience. It doesn’t tell much about the movie but it is directed by the same director as The Dark Knight trilogy, so it has to be better than the last Superman movie. In this version of the comic-book story Superman is played by Henry CavillAmy Adams will play Lois Lane, and they even have Russell Crowe playing Jor-El (Superman’s Biological Father). I am already interested at this point. As your watching the trailer you hear Kevin Costner talking about young Clark as if he is predicting the greatness of what is to come. Costner and Diane Lane will play the Kent couple that takes the super alien, as raises him as there own. There is no sign of Lex Luther being in the film yet so as of now, I am predicting that Superman will be fighting against General Zod played by Michael Shannon. We are still a year away from the films release next summer.

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