Voodoo by Frank Ocean (“End”)

[divider_padding] People have been asking me, “What’s the song that plays over “End” on channel Orange?”
It surprises me that people don’t know because Frank’s mixtape was such a success and he seems to be on a “Drake-like” come up. (This is not to say that they are anything a like) The track is called “voodoo,” and he released it in January. If you would like to download it feel free to google it. Not so fast though because I have heard rumors from people that their will be a deluxe edition hitting the stores in about 2 months and this track could be included in it, but I could be wrong. People that waited to buy the physical album did get a secret track from Frank featuring Tyler (the creator). Def Jam likes to keep there artists working so I am sure we will hear more from Frank soon, maybe as a featured artist.

ps. I put together the artwork above, nothing fancy, just a simple text treatment with an image that I got from Frank Ocean’s site. So Frank if you see this, Don’t sue! (lol)

Track provided by HYPETRAK.

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