Vans x Shadow Conspiracy 10th Anniversary Collab

The last time we saw one of these collaborations was in 2010. Back then Shadow Conspiracy went with a black/orange padded vans shoe instead of the classic skate type. This time around it seems like they wised up and figured out something that will do better in stores. This time they went with the classic look of the Sk8 Mids and the 106 Vulconized Vans styles. These new shoes are made to last with a combination of leather, waxed canvas and a gum sole. I know what people think right away, “these must be the most uncomfortable bmx shoes ever,” Wrong! Vans always takes extra care of special makes like these. They will have a gel insole and arch support for a more comfortable fit. As sick as these shoes are, they were only wade in a limited quantity and available at DAN’S COMP in August. If they do well I do not see the reason for these shoes not to be sold in Vans stores Nation Wide.

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