KAWS – “DOWN TIME” Exhibit Extended

The KAWS – “DOWN TIME” exhibit that is being displayed in the High Museum Of Art in Atlanta. The Show is doing so well that they are extending it till July 29th. If you are road tripping during the summer it is definitively a good place to stop.

If you don’t know who KAWS is, I like to present him as Warhol on crack. KAWS is a pop artist, and I compare his to Warhol because he takes popular icons and puts his twist on it. As a well known artist in and out of the entertainment business, in fact he worked with Disney, Nickelodeon, and worked on one of my favorite childhood shows Doug. KAWS created his own in the image of a scull in cross bones but he did it in the most non-threatening way. He applied that character to high fashion ads on buss stops and subways. Unscrewing the bus stops to get the 3’x 5′ posters out, painting his character to merge with the ad, not covering it completely, and placing the poster back in its original place got this artist notice by the street art community. Now KAWS is a big time name producing pieces in bulk but never more than 500, and also has a toy line that is extremely collectible.

Here is some of the work that is in the show.

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